Monday, August 15, 2022

The US government is investigating Tesla for allowing drivers to play video games

The NHTSA is looking into Tesla’s “Passenger Play” feature. It’s possible to play video games while driving with “Passenger Play.” In a statement, the NHTSA stated that “distractions may raise the risk. According to sources, Tesla drivers can play video games on front touchscreens while driving.

According to the NHTSA’s website, the investigation began on Tuesday after a single complaint and affects around 580,000 vehicles. Using “Passenger Play” while driving can be a distraction and increase the likelihood of a collision, according to the agency.

The NHTSA confirmed that Tesla drivers have had access to this feature from December 2020. Only Park had previously allowed for gameplay, it said.

A Tesla Model 3 user told the New York Times in December that he could play games like solitaire on his car’s touchscreen while driving. The driver said he’d seen individuals driving while gaming in Teslas on YouTube.

“I’m stunned. It just feels risky to me “, he told TIME It said it was in contact with Tesla the next day. The NHTSA claimed the feature might be unsafe in announcing the review on Tuesday.

Following 12 instances of Tesla’s on Autopilot colliding with emergency vehicles, the agency started an investigation into Tesla in August.

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