Sunday, December 4, 2022

Hundreds of hotels’ guest Wi-Fi systems have security issues

According to a security researcher, hundreds of hotels employ an internet gateway to offer and administer guest Wi-Fi systems. A hardcoded password in the Airangel HSMX Gateway is “extremely trivial to guess,” according to Etizaz Mohsin. An attacker may use those passwords to remotely access the gateway’s settings and databases, which track guests’ Wi-Fi usage. This would allow an attacker to access and exfiltrate guest records or change the gateway’s networking settings to unknowingly redirect guests to malicious websites.

In 2018, Mohsin detected one of these gateways on a hotel’s guest Wi-Fi systems. In Mohsin’s estimation, this server has hundreds of gateway backup files from some of the world’s most exclusive and expensive hotels. This included “millions” of guests’ names, email addresses and dates of stay.

After Mohsin disclosed the problem and the server has secured, could this single gateway be vulnerable to additional flaws that could affect hundreds of hotels? ” In the end, the security researcher uncovered five issues. Moreover that might compromise the gateway and the information of the guests it serves.

Mohsin notified Airangel of the problems, but the British networking equipment vendor has yet to repair them. A spokesman told Mohsin that the company had stopped selling the item in 2018.

But, according to Mohsin, hotels, malls, and conference centres still employ the technology. Internet scans reveal around 600 gateways, while the total number of vulnerable devices is likely larger. Additionally the majority of affected hotels are in the UK, Germany, Russia, and the Middle East.

“The level of access this chain of vulnerabilities provides attackers appears to be limitless,” Mohsin told in an interview.

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