Friday, December 9, 2022

Turgut Alp, star of “Ertugrul,” thanks Pakistani fans for their support

Turgut Alp, Cengiz Coşkun, stated it was a joy to visit Pakistan. Cengiz, who plays Turgut Alp in Dirilis: Ertugrul, thanked his Pakistani supporters for their warm welcome and love.

“I want to thank #Pakistan for your warm, sweet, outstanding love and appreciation,” Cengiz alias Turgut Alp wrote on Instagram.

“I am glad for every moment I spent there and every person I met. “Thank you for making me feel at ease…

I enjoyed my visit to Pakistan. “Hope to see you soon,” he said.

Cemil Coşkun and Nurettin Sönmez (Bamsi) visited Karachi last week for their project.

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