Ayesha Akram filed a complaint against Tiktoker Ali Shah

Ayesha Akram, a female TikToker who was assaulted, manhandled, and harassed on Pakistan’s Independence Day near the Minar-e-Pakistan.

According to details, she filed a wrongful death complaint against tiktoker Ali Shah in shahdara town police station, accusing him of terrifying her with the prospect of death and threatening her with death.

According to the applicant’s submitted application, she frequently receives threatening phone calls from international numbers and records each one of them.

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Ayesha believes that these threatening phone calls are coming from titkoker ali shah. Ayesha Akram’s charge against tiktoker Ali Shah was received by an official in front of the Shahdara police station, where she was greeted by officers.

They would adhere to the law and follow the proper processes, according to a police official in Shahdara town.

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