Ayesha Akram accuses Rambo of having her explicit videos and blackmailing her

As part of the highly publicized Minar E Pakistan harassment case, an unexpected twist has emerged, with Ayesha Akram accusing her partner Rambo of being responsible for everything that occurred in Greater Iqbal Park on August 14th, according to a statement provided to police.

He has supposedly blackmailed her into doing all of this, and she claims that he has already collected a considerable sum of money from her for his services.

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Ayesha Akram said that Rambo and his cronies had created pornographic films for her, which she described as a scam by Rambo. Further, she claimed that Rambo blackmailed her and compelled her to agree with all of his demands, which included the payment of a one-million-Pakistani-Rupee ransom.

In her statement, she said that Rambo had coerced her into travelling to Minar E Pakistan, the location of the terrible incident. Rambo categorically denied this.

Ayesha was arrested and imprisoned by the police after her most recent allegations were brought against her. Rambo and six of his friends were arrested, including himself.

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