DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal Video becomes viral on Social media

The DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal has gone viral, with full videos of sexual assault being leaked.
Faisal Rana, DG Khan’s regional police officer, has revealed that they have detained one of the individuals involved in the horrible occurrence for their alleged role in the case, DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal Video. Javed has been identified as the culprit in the case, and according to authorities, he has been running the institution since 2012.

Scandal surrounding the DG Khan Tuition Academy
Authorities have said that they have identified the culprits and that the entire network would be captured in the near future,” the district police officer said in an interview with ARY NEWS following the vitalization of a video depicting a sexual assault that went viral on the internet.

It has also been reported that the authorities have discovered three locations at the Academy where the alleged sexual assault of the girl was filmed using concealed cameras, according to the report. It was revealed in the statement that the suspect who has been arrested used to blackmail the girls using covertly made films. The DPO went on to say that they were currently carrying out a forensic study on the recordings to determine their authenticity.

Video of the DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal
This appears to be a case that is developing as the investigation continues, and there are a number of other suspects who are out there who will all be prosecuted and punished by the law. The police will continue to make new revelations in the case, and we will be here to keep you informed of any new information that becomes available about the story as it comes to our attention.

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According to the evidence available, sexual assault cases have been occurring for a long period of time, and recording someone and then blackmailing them is not something that is new. These types of cases continue to surface, and it is our misfortune that such individuals exist in our community who are not deserving of being a part of it.

A number of suspects remain unidentified, and a great deal of information has yet to be made public by the authorities; as soon as they do, we will update you on the status of the investigation.

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