Google Introduces new Search Filters in Gmail for Android Users

Google has introduced new features for Android users on the Gmail platform. The tech giant will be introducing a new search filters in Gmail. These search filters will prove to be extremely beneficial in providing accurate results.

The company has announced the new feature on the Workspace forum. Last year, the company added a similar feature on the web version of Gmail.

The new feature will help users find relevant emails with more ease by using easy-to-access filters. The new filters will include ‘From’, ‘Sent to’, ‘Date’, and ‘Attachment’ options. These options can be found under the search bar in Gmail on Android devices. So, users can tap any of the options before or after searching for emails in their inbox, much like its desktop counterpart.

These search filters will immensely help sift through massive amounts of e-mails and get accurate results.

In order to make use of the filters, the users will just have to type the name of the filter before typing anything in the search bar to instantly access relevant emails. Additionally, the filters can also be applied after making a search to further narrow down the results.

The new feature for the Gmail application will be rolled out in phases. However, some users have claimed to receive it, according to a report by ANI. The report suggests that Google is following an extended rollout schedule.

In order to get the latest feature, Android users can update their Gmail application from the Play Store. Users who still can’t spot the feature will get it by the end of October.

For the users who are unable to see the feature enabled in the Gmail app on their Android device even after updating it from the Play Store, Google said that the feature would be available by the end of October.

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