Afghan Air gets permission to fly from Islamabad: reports

According to reports, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has approved Afghan Air’s application to fly flights from the country’s federal capital, Islamabad.

According to reports in local media citing sources, the country’s top aviation authority has approved Kam Air, the country’s largest private airline, to begin operating flights three times a week from Islamabad International Airport.

A new development arose as Afghanistan’s Ministry of Civil Aviation and Transport sought Pakistan’s authorities for permission to operate two Afghan airlines, Kam Air and Ariana Afghan Airlines, in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. As of right moment, the other airline has not yet provided the Federal Aviation Administration with its flight schedule.

According to local media, the letter from Afghan officials stated that the letter’s purpose was to “maintain the seamless passenger flow between the two countries based on the signed MoU and our National Carriers’ plan to begin their schedule.”

‘As a result, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation and Transport Ministry requests that you enable their commercial flights,’ the letter stated.

According to sources, Qatar had previously stated that it would not assume responsibility for Kabul International Airport unless it had reached ‘clear’ agreements with all parties concerned, including the Taliban, over the airport’s functioning.

The official indicated that Kabul International Airport was around 90 percent ready for operations, but that the airport’s reopening will take place in stages.


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