‘No need to create a fuss over personal stuff,’ adds Haleem Adil

Haleem Adil Sheikh, Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly, expressed frustration with media stories about his second marriage to an MPA from his own party on Friday, saying, “It is a personal affair for us.”

The issue came to light after Tahira Dua, a member of Parliament, posted images of her newborn kid on social media. The photographs were taken at a party to commemorate the birth of the child in question. The baby’s name — Kamil Haleem Sheikh — could be seen scrawled in the background of several of the photographs.

Haleem Adil Sheikh, speaking at a press conference in Sukkur, claimed that he was married in accordance with Sharia principles and that he did not feel the need to arrange a press conference to announce the marriage.

“I’ve informed everyone who needed to be informed.” No need to create a commotion about personal affairs,” he continued.

The PTI leader acknowledged on Friday that he had married Dua after the 2018 General Elections, according to reports.

In response to the revelation, PPP MPA Taimur Talpur turned to Twitter to express his congratulations to Sheikh, stating that he would put his political differences aside to wish the opposition leader “joy on his marriage and the birth of a child.” He, on the other hand, had expressed dissatisfaction with his failure to be invited to the wedding celebration.


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