US court jails Pakistani for $200M mobile phone scam

A Pakistani national was sentenced to 12 years in jail by a US court for unlawfully unlocking mobile phones, which resulted in a $200 million loss for an American company, AT&T, as a result of the illegal unlocking.

A seven-year plan to unlawfully unlock phones in order to defraud AT&T was exposed by the US Attorney’s Office in Seattle, and Mohammad Fahd, 35, of Karachi was charged with playing a “leadership role in the scam.”

According to the official announcement, AT&T’s forensic research reveals that Fahd and his co-conspirator unlocked as many as 1,900,033 phones during their time together. In seven years, this resulted in a loss of $201,497,430 and 94 cents for the firm.

US District Judge Robert S. Lasnik stated at the sentencing hearing that Fahd had committed a “serious cybercrime over a lengthy period of time,” despite the fact that he was aware that law enforcement was tracking his activities online.

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