Saturday, January 28, 2023

Changan Plans to Launch All-Electric Vehicles in 5 Years

Chongqing-based Changan Automobile Company Limited (Changan) plans to introduce 21 new electric vehicles within the next five years, according to the company’s president, Wang Jun. The announcement will take place in Chongqing, China, at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress in 2021, according to the company’s president, Wang Jun.

According to him, the business aims to sell 1.05 million of these new energy cars by 2025, which is in accordance with the sales objective it declared at the Tech Ecosystem Summit last month. ‘By 2025, we anticipate that sales of these new energy cars will reach 1.05 million units,’ he stated. Consequently, the target is to sell three million vehicles by 2025, with new energy vehicles contributing to 35 percent of overall vehicle sales during that time period (NEVs).

For Changan, developing three new specialized Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms, known as EPA0, EPA1, and EPA2, is essential to the company’s transformation into an intelligent and low-carbon-emission mobility provider. The business has also announced the ‘MPA Ark Architecture,’ a high-end intelligent automobile platform that will be used by models in the A through C segments and is branded “MPA Ark.”

As part of its ongoing research and development, Changan is developing a super digital platform for smart cars, which the company is referring to as the “SDA Architecture.”

While speaking at the conference with Changan’s Wang Jun, the company revealed that the company has invested a total of ten billion yuan ($1.55 billion) in R&D over the last five years, resulting in the development of over 500 smart low-carbon solutions.

As part of this effort, Changan intends to invest at least 5 percent of its annual revenue in Research and Development in order to further develop its technical capabilities in six layers (energy layer; mechanical layer; operating systems; cloud-based data; electronic architecture; and application software); three digital operation bases (network; cloud; and platform); and three operating systems (intelligent management; cloud; and platform); and three digital operation bases (network; cloud; platform).

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