Police arrest Zulfiqar for an obscene photo session in front of Quaid’s picture

The accused, Zulfiqar, were detained by the Islamabad Police in a vulgar picture session in front of the Islamabad image of Quaid-e-Azam. But the female model is still to be arrested in the images.

A complaint against the Mystical Shayari band has been brought by federal law enforcement agents for an indecent photography session at the Quaid E Azam picture.

Netizens requested that this band be immediately arrested. A lot of people including public personalities and journalists began hashtags to insist that DC Islamabad and the capital city police arrest these individuals for dishonoring the image of Quaid E Azam.

Sources indicate that Zulfiqar has been taken from Lahore by the Capital City Police and transported to Islamabad, where he is brought to justice. The police authorities are trying to arrest women.

After taking a photograph in an indecent and filthy robe in front of the picture of Quaid-e-Azam in Islamabad, the couple caused national anger. These images immediately became popular in social media and networks urged action to wear such exposing costumes in public on both models.

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