Jessie J will not release new songs till she feels ‘better’

Until she recovers from her unknown disease, Jessie J‘s will not release her new album.

After months of suffering and frustration every single day since it affects her voix, despite her vocal cords, the ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker has said that fans have to wait till she’s better at new songs.

Jessie, 33, will have an MRI scan to establish the problem’s source.

She remarked at an Instagram Q&A: “When can we wait for the album? If I’m better, I don’t know when it will be.
“It’s the same, my throat. It’s so timid, so sultry. I don’t know anything more about what to say. It ought to be my thyroid, I looked at my back.

“On Monday, I have an MRI, voice therapy, I see a thyroid expert, I see an allergist, I see autoimmune stuff,” he says.

Last week, the singer of “Domino” — a rare ear ailment that produces bouts of shadow, Ménière’s disease, was once diagnosed — wrote: “Yesterday I attempted to sing a song with which I can normally song easily, and I could not. The problem I have is not my voice, but my voice. Well… I sang. And well. It’s time to go.


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