Monday, December 5, 2022

Lorde releases a new track, ‘Mood Ring’

With a new track, Mood Ring, Lorde delighted her fans. The track is part of Solar Power’s forthcoming album, co-written by Jack Antonoff.

She conducted a YouTube live broadcast 15 minutes before to her release, and announced that the music had been “subjected to a change.”

“This video has somewhat changed me, since the track is sarcastic. I wrote from the standpoint of a person who is not myself,” she added.

She stated she wanted the song to contrast herself with the persona, but she added it is “really nice” and she “loves her vibes.”

The Lorde-shared Mood Ring is a metaphor for “the type of magical thought we all used to feel good sometimes,” the singer added.

She tells when she reads her horoscope and “she bends to do whatever she has to do at that point.”

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