PM Imran Khan will hold a meeting of the National Security Council today

The National Security Committee (NSC) met with President Imran Khan today (Monday) to examine, in accordance with sources, the security situation in Afghanistan.

The government’s staggering fast collapse and the Afghan Taliban’s Sunday night occupation of Kabul’s presidential palace sparked dread and panic throughout the city.

Thousands of Afghans on Monday tried, while at the airport throngs, to flee Kabul amid scenes of mayhem.

On Sunday, PM Imran Khan talked about the fast changing situation in Afghanistan to Turkish President Erdoğan and both of them reviewed it.

Erdoğan was advised by the Prime Minister that on Monday the NSC will convene to discuss the unfolding situation further. Following the meeting, the two leaders would again discuss coordinating their actions.

Pakistan’s determination to continue its endeavour in support of an integrated political solution in Afghanistan has been reiterated by the Prime Minister.


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