Pakistan cannot afford to accept any further Afghan refugees says Foreign Office

The Foreign Office warned Friday that Pakistan cannot afford another inflow of Afghan refugees.

Speaker Zahid Hafeez Chaudhary reaffirmed at a media conference in Islamabad that Pakistan is the region’s largest wisher of peace. “But we think that Afghanistan itself must stop the conflict.”

The attitude of Pakistan is clearly not to create a security vacuum in the area due to the US soldiers’ withdrawal.

‘The role of a spoiler in Afghanistan has always been played by India that has repeatedly been proved and disclosed in the world media,’ said Chaudhary. “The NDS and RAW exploit the Afghan land for terrorism have been proven in our findings.”

The findings will also be submitted to the UN and were shared with the worldwide community.

The spokesman said that the Extended Troika met yesterday [12 August] in Doha with special envoys from Pakistan, the USA, China, and Russia.

These have been expanded The following points have been debated by the troika countries:

  • Urgent actions were needed to minimise bloodshed in Afghanistan. There was a need for a ceasefire.
  • The Afghan war was not solved by military means.
  • In order to achieve progress on the political roadmap, the Afghan government must prioritise its peace initiatives.
  • All sides must respect and not commit abuses of human rights.


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