Everyone will accept the results of the next elections, says PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated during opening of NADRA’s mobile van & alien registration cards, the next election will in fact be an election for the 21st century, no rigging, no fraud and its results would be acceptable to everyone.

He added that Pakistan still has at least 3 million Afghan refugees, while others have no CNIC, since they do not have CNICs. So, alien cards will be useful to those without CNICs.

PM claimed it will enable them into the mainstream to manage their companies, obtain admission to private schools, private jobs, mobile SIMs, utilities, create bank accounts, and registered automobiles.

Imran Khan has also opened 90 new mobile registration vans to increase NADRA’s reach to the tehsil level.

The devices can function without internet and Wi-Fi, according to the Science and Technology Minister Shibli Faraz. During and after surveys, they can also test rigging and aid with audits.

So the machines are going to work:

  • The machine seal will be removed first by an election officer.
  • Once enabled, voters are instructed to push a button that enables them to cast their ballots.
  • Then the machine prints a voting paper.
  • The elector will get the paper and send it to the ballot box.


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