Argentine footballer Lionel Messi wants to ‘create something exceptional’ with Paris Saint-Germain

In Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi would like to “construct something exceptional.” After 21 years of existence, the 34-year-old football-ace formally departed Barcelona and entered into a two-year deal with the French club with a third year option of £25 million a year after tax and additional incentives.

The six-time winner of Ballon d’Or – who will be awarded a £25m sign-up fee – is to jersey 30 for his new team, the same number he wore when he first made his Barcelona debut in 2003.

“I are thrilled to start my professional chapter at Paris Saint-Germain,” he remarked of his new club. All the club’s activities fit my objectives for football.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of PSG said: “I’m glad that Lionel Messi decided to go to Paris Saint-Germain and we’re happy to welcome him to Paris and his family.

“He made no secret of his desire to compete on the highest level and to win the trophies, and of course we want the same as a club.

“The inclusion of Leo in our world-class team continues with the club’s highly successful and smart transfer window.

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