President Joe Biden welcomes new review of documents of 9/11 terrorist attacks

US President Joe Biden welcomed a new trial of documentation connected to 9/11 terrorist attacks by the Justice Department. It claimed be a privilege material by past administrations.

“As I promised, my administration is keen to ensure the fullest degree of legal transparency, and to adhere to the strict advice given by the Obama-Biden administration on the invocation of the privilege of state secrets,” said Biden in a statement.

“I applaud the filing made today of the Justice Department. The government has already established its privileges and committed to completing a new examination of materials asap,” he added.

The statement is that, when the papers against Biden have not published. Biden has faced the pressure from close to 1800 families of victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks not to attend the commemoration activities next months to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the assaults.

Biden stated in his Oct. 7 letter “The 9/11 families have entitled to demand complete truth and accountability.”

He also said his government will continue to ‘respectfully’ engage the relatives of the victims. He applauded their opinions and wisdom in the path we are taking.

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