Bradley Sutton, the inventor of Helium 10, is visiting Pakistan on the invitation of Enabler’s CEO

In the e-commerce sector Pakistan is developing, however several organizations including Enablers and Extreme Commerce are promoting e-commerce awareness and opportunities.

Saqib Azhar, CEO of Enabler’s Top Amazon Training Agency, welcomed Bradley Sutton to Pakistan. Since 1998, Bradley has been a member of e-commerce and a former Amazon seller consultant.

Over 400 items were developed and marketed by Bradley. The Serious Sellers Podcast also hosts it.

Bradley has been Success Manager at Helium 10. Over 100,000 Amazon sellers of all levels see his training videos and live-workshops every month: individuals are just starting to sell 9 figures.

Bradley has optimised and released more than 400 items individually and has worked as an entrepreneur since the beginnings of an aftermarket car parts company of more than 20 years at the age of 19.

He may possibly be the worldwide second most fascinating person next to the “Dos Equis” businessman, because he is an ex-Sumo Wrestler and a social media influencer of Zumba Fitness with more than 30 million views on YouTube!

Many foreign firms have approached Mr Saqib Azhar to appreciate his achievements in e-commerce in Pakistan and have been chosen for the United Nations Development Programme.


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