PM Imran recognizes NCOC’s critical involvement in the COVID-19 response strategy

Prime Minister Imran Khan commended the National Command Operation Centre, after the coronavirus epidemic last year, for its efforts to mitigate the damage.

The Premier stated the function of the NCOC was crucial to Pakistan’s worldwide COVID-19 response plan.

“We appreciated worldwide our reaction plan to COVID-19 and have shielded Pakistan against the worst impacts of COVID-19 with the blessings of Allah,” he tweeted.

“I wish to pay tribute to the NCOC team, the cornerstone of our COVID-19 plan.”

The NCOC was established in April 2020 and regulates Pakistan’s COVID-19 policy and execution. It was established to collect, analyse and process information from all provinces, per PM Imran’s directives.

Over a million individuals were body-based vaccination last Monday against the new coronavirus in the country.

To far, the deadly virus has immunised more than 30 million individuals.

Asad Umar, Federal Planning Minister, tweeted: “Islamabad has grown into the first town to have 50 per cent of its suitable population immunised with at least 1 dosage.


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