Lauren Mayberry didn’t want, ‘He Said She Said’ to ‘alienate some fans’

Lauren Mayberry asked if ‘He said, she said’ will “alienate” the male followers of Chvrches.

The newest single from the Scottish Trio tells us that he is a woman in a masculine business, and Lauren has considered releasing or not the song, before arriving to the decision that a male artist would not stand back if she were the other way around.

Speaking on ‘Table Manners’ podcast by Mr Jessie Ware, she said, “I didn’t want to offend any of the band’s people when we talked about ‘He Said She Said.’

She comments, saying: ‘It is my way of counting things that I accepted that I know I should not have.’ She remarked, ‘He said she said,’ I pretended that things were not harmful to me. It was the first song that we created when we began backing, and the first lyric that came forth was the first line (‘He claimed you bore me to death’).

“Being a woman is tiresome f*, and it felt like shouting in a pop song instead of shouting into the abyss. I think we can all identify over the last year to the sense that we are losing our brains.”


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