Fatma Musafir, a former PPP politician, was assassinated in Karachi

On a motorbike in New Karachi, Khamiso Goth Saturday night, an erstwhile leader of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party was shot by unidentified persons.

Ghulam Murtaza Tabbasum, Senior Police Superintendent, Fatma Musafir alias Waderi had been murdered in a targeted attack, he said.

The SSP has reported that her eye has taken a gunshot. Four SMG rounds from the location were discovered by the police.

The victim had served as chairman of the Woman Circle PS-124 of PPP. However, the party had dismissed her from her presumed participation in the drug trade and land seizures.

The SSP said that in various police stations, a number of charges relating to the drugs sale and land collection had been recorded.

The Karachi PPP Division, on the other hand, has expressed shock and mourning over the killing of Fatima Musafir, President Syeda Shahida Rehmani.

Rehmani, which is also the MNA, stated in a statement that Musafir was murdered by terrorists.


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