Fiza Ali’s new song, ‘Piyara Pakistan,’ has gone popular on social media

Piyara Pakistan is getting much on YouTube of Fiza Ali patriotic song.

In the video, you’ll find Kasim Ali, Mazhar Rahi, Sher Mian Dad and Nimra Mehra. The five-minute film has artists donning various traditional costumes.

Sights like the Mosque of Badshahi, Minar-e-Pakistan, Mosque of Faysal, monuments to Pakistan are also displayed.

This video has over 23,803 views and more than 1,300 like.

Sahibzada Mohsin & Shaheer Asim are the directors. Akmal Khan and Kasim Ali are the lyrics.

As part of Pakistan’s Independence Day celebration, Piyara Pakistan was released.


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