The brother of MPA Asad Khokhar was murdered in a shooting during a wedding in Lahore

Province Minister Asad Khokhar’s brethren were murdered on Friday evening at Lahore’s marriage when unidentified persons opened fire.

Mubashir Khokhar died on the scene according to the police. The police. Two additional injured persons were sent to the hospital during the incident.

Two males were detained and brought to an unrevealed place.

The PM Special Officer Shahbaz Gill informed SAMAA TV: “Suspects brought their vehicle extremely near to Mubashir’s automobile and fired.

At the occasion were also Punjab Chairman Usman Buzdar and other PTI leaders. Gill said that they are securely escorted out the venue and on their way home.

CM Buzdar notified the incident and ordered an investigation into wedding safety measures. Any deficiencies, he directed, should be dealt with by anybody found accountable.


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