Friday, December 9, 2022

Iggy Azalea adds, “All I want is for Britney Spears to be happy”

Iggy Azalea felt she had to talk about Britney Spears as she had a “first-hand experience” of the celebrity.

Iggy endorsed the hit-maker ‘Stronger’ last month in her explosive testimony, claiming that her conservatory was “abusive.” she said that she “personally saw,” a few of Britney’s behaviours.

And 31-year-old Iggy thinks speaking up was right.

She said, Entertainment Tonight, : “I love her so much, and I just want her to be happy with what everybody wants of her. I simply felt like I had a first-hand view of what was happening and stuff when I heard her talk and shared her dissatisfaction. I only wanted to express my work, and that I support her, and I think she deserves it.”

Iggy and Britney worked together on the song ‘Pretty Girls,’ and Iggy was overshadowed by the backing of Britney.

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