Saturday, February 4, 2023

Naomi Watts’ mother impacted her environmentally conscious lifestyle

The mother of Naomi Watts inspired her smooth lifestyle. The 52-year-old player explained how she was always concerned with what she puts into her body, having a “health-conscious” mom.

She added, “I’m a kid of the 1970s and the woman who brandished her bra, had her own bread, baked herself and ate just whole food—brown bread, brown rice, brown flavoured food. Everything was health conscious. It’s been my natural comfort zone.”

The star of ‘Penguin Bloom’ also emphasized the need of fitness for maintaining its mental health.

She told Haute Living, “I am with my life, and I feel fantastic. I truly feel strong. I really feel strong. I feel really powerful. I feel strong. Exercise strengthens me and keeps me upright in every truth. Training enables me to feel powerful. I feel more like myself in my 50s, having acquired and experienced a number of ups and downs. It’s a lovely feeling.”

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