Kanye West followers were given a coronavirus vaccination at a listening party

At his record listening party, Kanye West‘s followers received coronavirus vaccinations.

Stronger hitmaker, who fought the virus last year, had his new LP ‘Donda‘ presented on Thursday (05 August) night at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, and those there had the opportunity to jab against COVID-19 before setting up their record. Stronger hitmaker.

A post from the venue said: “We are providing vaccinations for Pfizer to fans who are participating in the hearing party tonight.”

One year ago, Kanye said that he opposed developing a global pandemic control vaccination because he thought that the injection would “insert chips within us” preventing the “crushing through the gates of Heaven.”

He said: “There are so many of our children who are immunised and paralysed… So I’m really suspicious when they tell how we repair COVID-19 with a vaccination. This is the beast’s mark.”


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