Monday, November 29, 2021

Nasir Khan Jan is much excited for his marriage and sharing preparation plans

Pakistan’s biggest social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan is getting married and looking forward to his wedding. The self claimed model became a funny sensation through a series of hilarious videos. Jan announced his engagement and Nikah on Twitter last October.

The star on the social network extends an invitation to all his fans and media channels. Now Nasir Khan Jan is happy with his wedding day. However, it seems that the wedding ceremony hasn’t happened yet. On Twitter last month, Jan shared a photo of the wedding hall he had just booked.

Previously, he had also shared photos with his father-in-law and claiming the wedding date will announce soon. Meanwhile, he raised the heads of his fans and revealed that he will charge more for his videos.

Details about his fiancé are not yet known. Many of his fans and followers congratulated him on this new chapter in his life.

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