Once the Neelum Jhelum project is completed, Rs9 per unit will be charged

A permit to charge energy of Rs9.118 kWh produced by the Neelum Jhelum hydropower project was authorised on Monday by the NEPRA (NJHP).

The Rs317,367 billion project is operative from 17 October 2019, and it will be financed by local and global investors. Their job now is to pay interest of about Rs428,296 trillion in debt and repayment of the principal amount. Power is sold on a payroll basis and must work.

NJHP is required to satisfy the conditions until the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council obtains a green TPV flag (third party validation) (ECNEC).

In addition, NEPRA forwarded the judgement on compliance with applicable rules and tariffs for petitions to the federal government.

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