The government will convene on August 4 to determine whether to reopen the schools

The federal administration held a conference on the reopening of schools in the country of education ministers from all the provinces. On Wednesday [August 4].

The agenda items for the meeting are according to a notification published by the Federal Education Ministry Tuesday:

  • August 2021 was the beginning of the new academic term.
  • In view of growing cases of Covid-19, reopening of schools.
  • One hundred percent of instructors and employees are vaccinated.
  • Actions to improve performance in education, funding, coordination and reporting in an inclusive and responsive manner.

The government decided last week not to prolong this year’s summer holiday, and it directed all schools to re-open on 2 August.

Class nine and metric pupils were also agreed not to expand their tests. It is held according to the timetable.

The rate of positive behavior in Pakistan is 7.19%. In the previous 24 hours, at least 3,582 positive cases and 69 fatalities have been recorded.

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