Saturday, February 4, 2023

Islamabad struggles to stay up to the increasing population of the city

Islamabad has commemorated its 61st anniversary, one of the world’s youngest capitals.

The modern city famed for its greenery, however, is built in the vicinity of the ruins of the old city of Taxila, the history of which can be traced to the early microlithic settlements.

The town has seen a 100% population increase over the previous 20 years, according to government data. The population of Islamabad was registered as 2 million in the latest census carried out in 2017.

‘The beauty and the greenery,’ Brig Said Nazir, a federal resident, said, ‘due to population expansion, multi-story buildings, squares, shopping complexes and corporations,’

Many locals have said that the city was developed following the model of the Turkish capital, Ankara, with its well-kept walking pathways and large highways that combine hills with plains.

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