PM Imran’s low-income housing finance scheme has resulted in the ownership of a home by 7500 impoverished families

The low-income housing financing project of the Premier Imran Khan is coming to an end since 3.35 billion Rs were spent on building 7,572 units across the country.

The government has given Rs 5 billion under the vision of the Prime Minister to enable a low income group to develop its own homes The government has previously committed a renowned Akhuwat organisation, which has an enormous interest-free loan network.

The initiative has paid out Rs 3.35 billion for the construction of 7,572 homes in various regions of the nation. The payout ratio is 100% and the recovered cash is used again to help other applicants because another 2,416 applications are being approved.

The majority of beneficiary families in the initiative were individuals who, due to restricted income, could not afford to build their own home.

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