Sunday, December 4, 2022

China’s artificial sun breaks temperature records

China has established a new world record after scientists have succeeded for almost 100 seconds to operate its nuclear-powered ‘artificial sun.’

The newest experiments, where a plasma temperature of 216 million Fahrenheit (120 million C) was obtained for 101 seconds, set the new record in China Experimental Advanced Super-conducting Tokamak (EAST) reports.

Not only this, but also 288 million Fahrenheit (160 million C) were obtained for 20 seconds, operating in the ‘artificial sun.’ The previous record of the plasma temperature sustained for 100 seconds amounted to 180 million F (100 million C).

Located at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) Plasma Physics Institute in Hefei, the Tokamak device is meant to replicate the nuclear fusion process that is natural for sun and stars. This experiment is being conducted to supply unlimited clean energy using nuclear fusion regulated.

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