Twitter users were horrified by Sadaf Kanwal’s ‘problematic’ feminist comment

A number of individuals are raging to reduce feminism to home tasks and looked after spouses, as Sadaf Kanwal, the model and wife of actor Shahroz Sabzwari.

Twitter trends have been highlighted through an interview with Sadaf and Shahroz. Sadaf responds when asked how she sees feminism, “Aurat isn’t at all a bechari. A really powerful woman. I feel extremely powerful and you [host] certainly must also feel strong.”

The Aurat March is, she feels, an altogether other discussion.

“Our culture is our husband in our society,” stated Sadaf. “His shoes, iron his clothing I need pick up (which I seldom do, but I know where they are kept). I should know where [Shehroz] things are, and when they should eat.” I should know.

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