Mahoor Shahzad expresses regret for her comments on ‘Pathans’

Mahoor Shahzad, the Pakistani badminton player has excused her statements that accused her competitors of being “jealous” of her as ” pathans ” and that her remarks were never intended to damage the “Pathan community.”

On 27 July, Mahnoor’s video became popular in social media, hitting opposing players and calling them “pathans,” a video that many thought disgusting and improper.

She had stated, “…people enjoyed me, but some badminton players are really pathans. I’m the number one in Pakistan, yet my growth is highly envious of our surviving Pakistani Badminton players. It’s like you can’t do whatever you do, or you want someone else to do it…”

Yesterday, the badminton player clarified clarifying his statements in a video via Twitter:

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