British Military failed to protect female soldiers from Sexual Harassment

A large number of veterans of the British military have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination in their whole careers. It has foiled in a parliamentary report.

The report states that women who report serious sex crimes are deprived of justice due to the British military justice system and inadequate complaints process.

The Parliamentary Defense Committee found that 64 veterans and 58 female soldiers reported about harassment by seniors. Most said they didn’t believe the military was doing enough to solve the problem.

The committee heard reports of unacceptable behavior by soldiers. It includes gang rapes, harassment for refusing to commit sexual assaults by senior officials. Others said they saw attacks on friends by a group of men but were afraid to report them.

The report called on authorities to refer cases of rape and sexual assault by military courts to civilian courts. It also called for the creation of a new independent chain of command to deal with allegations of harassment and discrimination.

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