Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Kelly Preston was ‘proud’ of her last film : John Travolta

Kelly Preston was “very proud” of her most recent film. The actress died in July 2020, unexpectedly following a fight against breast cancer, and his latter wife was respected by John Travolta when his farewell photo was published.

On Instagram, he wrote: “Kelly Preston in Off the Rails… Kelly’s final project was Off the Rails, and she was incredibly pleased of it and all of the amazing people she got to work with on it. It will be released in UK and Ireland theatres on Friday, July 23rd! @bklproductions (sic) @offtherailsfilm”

John recalled Kelly on the first Mother’s Day after her passing.

In a touching and heartfelt note, the ‘Grease‘ actress wrote: “Dear Kelly, you delivered three of the most amazing children I have ever met into my life. Thank you very much. We adore you and miss you. (sic)”

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