Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Doja Cat criticises the cancel culture

Doja Cat believes that certain individuals “want to see everyone lose.” The 25-year-old rap singer has spoken out against cancel culture, revealing that she chooses to respond to hatred with love.

“The turmoil is entertaining, isn’t it? It occurs, but people have good cause to be unhappy sometimes and people have no reason to be upset occasionally,” she explained.

Doja was previously accused of using racist language on chat rooms, and while she has denied participating in any racist chats, she has now stated her thoughts on the matter.

Doja came to Instagram last year to confront charges that she had used racist words online.

“I realise my effect and influence, and I take this seriously,” Doja added afterwards. “I love all of you and I’m sorry that I have insulted or injured any of you; it’s not my character, and I am dedicated to showing it to everybody who’s going on.”

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