Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rajpal stated his film business colleagues backed him a lot

For almost two decades Rajpal Yadav has been one of Hindi’s best comedic performers. He and Paresh Rawal and Meezaan Jaffrey are seen in “Hungama 2.”

The directorial Priyadarshan follows the comedic blockbuster in 2003. Amid the promotional frenzy, Rajpal Jadav has lately spoken about Bollywood’s conduct towards him during his financial problems and spoke with RJ Siddharth Kanan.

Rajpal Yadav was imprisoned for 3 months in 2018 following a failure to repay the Rs. 5 crore debt. Rajpal said that his colleagues in the movie industry supported him a lot.

Having just added the name of his father as its middle name, Rajpal talked to ETimes. “There is no particular reason, he said. The name of my father has always been in my passport; now it is only on the computer. It only came about when Apoorva Vyas gave me a webcast and the new movie, so I believed I was Rajpal Yadav before Covid, and I’m now letting my complete name go across the whole globe.”

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