Monday, October 3, 2022

Sofia Richie shows off her abs while wearing a white sports bra and red tights

Sofia Richie‘s stunning body is recognized for showcasing on catwalks and on the magazine covers.

And on Wednesday evening, Sofia Richie was walked around the Los Angeles hills and kept her amazing figure in high shape.

The 22-year-old model took in the summer heat while taking a training course while enjoying the pleasant weather and strolling a covered promenade.

Sofia Richie had a white sports top revealed on her solo walk a tiny bit of her carved stomach.

Last week she shared with her beautiful Elliot Grainge a duo of photos on her Instagram.

Elliot Grainge, who she first romance this last January, is presently dating Richie. Photo Sofia Richie via Instagram

The two were originally linked romantically last January when they saw Beverly Hills taking a walk and throughout a few months on various trips.

In late March the couple took to Instagram with a posting on the influence account which jointly showed the duo in a lift.

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