Sunday, February 5, 2023

Scott Disick and Maluma go on the offensive on Twitter

Cott Disick and singer Maluma appear to be in a feud. Both of them had a heated Twitter debate, but could not establish the cause.

“With this person @maluma [Expletive],” Scott said.

The Colombian musician responded by saying, “What is up with you? You want to be me so bad that what is mine you try to take?”

The Flip-It Like Disick Star offered a heated reply to Maluma’s remark “@maluma That wasn’t something I had to work so hard, get your joke over you.”

The exchange certainly puzzled several fans because it took place among the two for the first time.

One of the users of Twitter commented, “Wait for the maluma and Scott disillusion???”

Another person wrote, ‘Why are scot and maluma babies fight on the tl??’

Another said, “Twitter’s not something that was ever seen happened in Scott Disick beefing w maluma.”

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