Friday, February 3, 2023

PM Imran Khan arrives for a ‘historic’ visit to Gwadar

Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Gwadar today to launch the Gwadar Free Zone and other significant projects in Gwadar during a ‘historic’ visit to the city.

Azhar Mashwani was also a focal person at the head of the Punjab minister for digital media who revealed what will feature of the trip.

In order to enhance economic activities in the region, the Prime Minister intends to open three factories in Gwadar.

In accordance with the government’s aim for focusing its development efforts upon Baluchistan, the Premier will provide a thorough briefing on the progress of the South Balochistan Development Package.

Different agreements on solarization in the region will be inked and a desalination facility will be installed to address water and power concerns for Gwadar.

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