Monday, October 3, 2022

Peshawar police arrested two brothers for hitting their sister

After having a video of their sister thrashing with a hammer and a helmet, a police force detained two brothers.

According to sources, Aftab and Arshad, Abdul Hannan’s sons from the province capital Amin Colony, were detained Saturday evening at the suspects’ Peshawar Police.

During the interview, KP Police stated the suspects admitted that they had tried to bash their sister when requested to take her part in the property of their dad.

The women were sent to a medical checkup hospital by police. After examining, the Bhana Mari Police Station has verified that a case against the brothers is being lodged.

Trigger Warning: The following describes a violent scenario

In the video footage, the brothers are shown, forcing the woman down to the ground and striking her again and again with a hammer and a helmet. One of the suspects may be seen at some time throwing a woman’s helmet while she shrieks.

Another lady attempts to interfere, but one of the suspects takes her by the throat and pushes her to the ground.

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