People performing cremation of their relative in crematorium ground somewhere in India. — Photo by @IDRF_US via Twitter

India became the third country to exceed 400,000 deaths from Covid-19. The Covid spiked in India due to Delta variants and government complacency after PM Modi declared victory over the virus. Many experts put the true death toll in India at more than a million after a catastrophic spike in flooded hospitals in April and May.

A total of nearly 30.5 million Covid cases have reported in India whereas total 400,312 deaths have reported in country. According to the Department of Health of India, it is just behind the US and Brazil.

The government aims to fully vaccinate all 1.1 billion adults in the country this year. The number of cases has decreased significantly on a daily basis and many activity restrictions have lifted. But due to some administrative problems, only about five percent have received two doses so far. It is leading to fears of a new spike in the coming months.

The government tried to speed up driving by making the vaccine free for all adults. They have recorded more than nine million shot a day. But when daily vaccination rate has slowed again averaging more than four million a day over the past week.

Government approved Covid vaccines and their quantity in India

There are five types of Covid vaccines approved in India. A government statement shown reducing the number of doses expected between August and December to 1.35 billion. There is also reducing AstraZeneca’s predicted number of doses from 750 million to 500 million.

Moreover, India has approved the Moderna vaccine for home use some days ago.

An Indian drugmaker also applied for approval of the plasmid DNA-based vaccine after studies showed it is 67 percent effective. His company hopes to produce 50 million doses with a monthly output of 10 million by the end of the year.

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