More than 2500 persons got fake Covid vaccine jabs in India. — Photo by @naija_fm via Twitter

Indian police said that about 2,000 people had injected with a fake vaccine jabs in Mumbai. Also another 500 some with disabilities may suffer the same fate in Kolkata. These people thought they had vaccinated but actually had injected with saline solution. Ten people arrested including two doctors at a private hospital in the financial center.

Vaccination rates rose sharply this week after the Indian government number shown spike in the pandemic in April and May. Police have confiscated 1.24 million rupees in cash fraudulently received by the accused.

The scam came to light after an actress and politician had vaccine shot in one of the surveillance camps. She became suspicious and alerted the police.

At least 250 people with disabilities and transgender people had injected at one location. A total of about 500 people across the city may have received fake samples.

Indian Police seized fake Vaccine jabs

Police have seized fake vaccine doses that were falsely labeling with India-based AstraZeneca Covishield coronavirus vaccine. The Covishield label was found on another product Amikacin Sulphate 500 mg. It is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections of the urinary tract, bones, brain, lungs and blood, among others.

Kolkata police have arrested a man posing as an officer with a master’s degree in genetics. He was operating up to eight fake vaccination centers. Police also confiscated false identities from the suspects. Whereas, one is from an information ministry official and one from the local government.

People have fear of side effects after getting fake vaccines

A health official in Kolkata said many of those injected are now panic over the possible side effects. One of them 35 years old lady admitted that she is sleepy and felt uncomfortable in his arms.

Moreover, Civil authorities will set up a medical camp in the area to deal with those who received fake injections. People also worried about how to get the right dose before the third wave comes. They don’t think it can happen if the world fights a pandemic.

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