Tuesday, January 31, 2023

John Cena shut off the marriage of his brother after fighting

John Cena shares a scary but funny story about how he closed his brother’s marriage after a fight.

The F9 star attended The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and shared how he gave his brother Matt Sina an open bar for the wedding.

However, this gift turned into courage, which caused the warrior to fight another brother and close the reception immediately.

The story unfolds when emcee Jimmy points out the wrestler when he was involved in a marriage fiasco, to which the actor replies, “I think it’s something we all have.”

“Mine is my brother Matt’s wedding,” John Cena continued.

“I felt opening the bar would be a nice gesture. “I’ve got the drink with me; it’s my gift to the newlyweds.”

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Apparently John was too much and arguing with his other brother Dan Sina.

“When my brother Dan and I got into a fight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding, I realized it was a mistake,” recalls John.

He added that his family members were not too surprised by their forced exchange.

“You can tell where the guest is and who is part of the boy’s family,” he said.

“Because the guests said, ‘What are you going to do to stop it?’ And the child’s family said, “No, no, let them understand. Let them do it.”

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