Saturday, January 28, 2023

Fake shopping websites plundering people of Pakistan

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country with prolonged lockdowns and market and business closures during the peak of infectious diseases, online shopping has become a vehicle for buyers facing distress.

Kiran Khan, a beautician, said that due to the increasing demand for cosmetics and nutritional supplements used in her field, she ordered several products online for use in her beauty salon.

During the closing and closing of all non-essential items, she cannot go shopping. She’s also ordered some dresses online that look great and have good-quality photos. “But when I received the order, I was surprised by the low standard of the product. I tried to return it but it was too late because the site was closed.”

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Sumia Khan, a culinary arts student, said she had the worst experience shopping online when the castle was full because she ordered high-quality used curtains but received curtains from torn jeans stains. He regrets losing a lot of money because of the deal.

Hansa Han, a private school teacher, shared his experiences in this matter. She said that genuine local brands deliver honest, high-quality materials, but there are many fake websites on behalf of international brands that are robbing innocent customers who shop online.

“I try not to order goods shipped from remote countries because getting your money back is not easy if it appears to be a counterfeit dealer,” she warned.

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