Saturday, July 24, 2021

Heavy metal chunks collapse in Karachi causing damage to graves and homes: Police

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Metallic parts of the steam boiler explosion in Karachi the day before fell at a local cemetery, near the house and part of a nearby road, the port city police said on Saturday.

The police statement sparked speculation among residents, who wondered if the large metal chunk was made of ammunition.

Police said the splinters ended up at Mewa Shah and SITE’s funeral in Pak Colony. SSP Kemari Fida Hussain Janwari then deployed the affected police personnel and sent a bomb disposal team to the scene.

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On arrival at the scene, police took testimony and examined the debris – which appears to have been part of a steam boiler from a nearby steel factory. This prompted the police to go to a steel factory in the SITE area of ​​Harunabad, where they were told that the kettle had exploded the night before.

Witnesses confirmed that they saw metal pieces falling from the sky. SSP Janwari said the steel plant administration was shown the metal part and identified it as part of the boiler

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