Friday, July 23, 2021

Imran Khan nominates Afridi for deputy chairman Senate

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday nominated FATA’s previous independent candidate, as the PTI candidate for the Senate seat.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed Senator Mirza Mohammad Afridi as deputy chairman of the slot and introduced representatives of former PTI FATA members,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mirza Mohammad Afridi said it would take a long time to get a man from rural Pakistan elected to the post. He added that Prime Minister Imran’s vision is to call people into important positions to serve the masses.

According to the Senate’s official website, Afridi is an independent candidate from the previous FATA, who has been a Senator since March 2018 and his term will last until March 2024.

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